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Dakin Refrigeration 24 hours 7 days a week call out service

Looking for round-the-clock commercial refrigeration solutions in the Launceston area?

Servicing the local community for over 30 years, Dakin Refrigeration offers commercial refrigeration callouts for emergencies 24-hours, 7 days. We work with all local pubs, clubs, restaurants, bottle shops, service stations, supermarkets, corner stores, dairies and anyone who requires commercial refrigeration repairs or emergency part replacements after hours. Whatever the issue, whether your cold room isn’t maintaining temperature, there’s a loose connection at the power source of your freezer, or you can’t switch a fridge on, we can help.

Afterhours Commercial Refrigeration Solutions for Launceston

No one can predict when a cold room, fridge or freezer will fail and put valuable stock at risk of contamination. When stock spoils and has to be thrown out it really hits business owners where it hurts, and can also prevent them from providing customers with a quality menu or a full range of refrigerated products.

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Launceston businesses trust Dakin Refrigeration to provide professional advice and quality services at the right price.

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Our specialisation and expertise makes Dakin Refrigeration the right choice for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

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For quality commercial refrigeration products, installations, servicing and repairs, choose Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston.